"HIV, citizenship and bordering mechanisms in Berlin"

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According to the Second Regulation on the handling of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 in Brandenburg (2nd SARS-CoV-2-UmgV) §4 and §8, organizers are obliged to record the personal data of all visitors in a contact record for the purpose of contact tracing. The person concerned must provide his/her/they personal data completely and truthfully. The proof of contact is stored for a period of four weeks in compliance with data protection regulations and is forwarded to the responsible health authority upon request. After the retention period has expired, the contact record is deleted.

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There is the possibility that the lecture as well as the subsequent discussion round will be recorded. Please indicate whether you would agree to a recording and a publication of the discussion round.
(If a recording takes place, you will be informed before the recording starts. If the presentation is recorded, only the presenter and the moderator will be seen and heard. In case of an additional recording of the discussion round, you can be seen in picture and sound and/or be named as a person in case you ask a question.
Publications will take place exclusively via the Viadrina Media Portal. https://mportal.europa-uni.de)

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